Cardano Node @140GB + missing $NODE_HOME/logs

Hi everyone. Following CoinCashew earlier in the year, I’ve had to increase the disk space on my BP multiple times, which currently sits at 135 GB. So, first question, does these exceed the average size of a BP implementation on Ubuntu?

Assuming this bloat is unusually large, I began looking for areas that I might save space and logs came to mind. However, $NODE_HOME/logs is not present and it looks like I installed within a home directory as /opt/ is empty. Somewhere along the install path, I missed a level. That’s embarrassing…

Which config file might I check that would point me to the logging output/destination?

check /var/log
reduce the size of journal, etc

You can search on google where OS is storing the logs by default

Thanks Alex! It’s a meager 4.0K. I was able to previously check that but assumed the node was dumping logs elsewhere, outside of typical OS logs. If so, I’m having trouble finding those, since they don’t exist within $NODE_HOME…

var/log/syslog … did u check?
or var/log/messages