Heads up questions about Meld ISO legitimacy

Not sure what the truth is here but thought it was a good idea for everyone to be informed:


A video on the topic: Is the MELD ISPO on Cardano a SCAM? My attempt at due diligence and research into the project - YouTube

Update Response from MELD:


So? In conclusion? Can you please give your opinion about this? I see many negative comment in Twitter. I just think if everybody crush every project because of something not clear yet. I’m afraid people will not build anything in Cardano. But, if this a fraud, it also will give Cardano a bad name.

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At this point personally I am still waiting for more facts to come out. NACrypto who made the video is apparently in touch with the MELD team getting more information.

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Follow up video from NACrypto on MELD. Very much worth watching in it’s entirety

He no longer thinks Meld is a scam, but still has some criticisms and there are unknowns. It is important for us all to do our own due diligence. Cryptocurrency and start up ventures are very risky assets classes to invest in.

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I agree with the guy, we’re not gonna crush small business while we are also be careful with the scam.

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