Hello and greetings from Spain


I’m an Austrian, born in Switzerland, living and traveling in a Camper-Van with my wife and a dog in south of Spain. Started last December with cryptos, bought yesterday ADA and now i’m here :v:


Welcome. I’m a bit jealous of your lifestyle, sounds fun. Also congrats on taking advantage of the excellent buy in opportunity yesterday.


Westfalia by any chance?

I’ve lived out of a Westfalia, traveling up and down surfing the Pacific coast numerous times, I miss that life.


Bienvenido al foro de Cardano!


Welcome @LoloMilo :slight_smile: Liking the sound of the camper van adventure!



Hi Chainomatic, “Van” is a bit the wrong description, it is actually a truck :wink:


Interesting! Spain is also warmer than Switzerland and Austria :slight_smile:
Welcome to this community