Hello everybody


I’m Ken from LA, CA.


Hi Ken! A fellow Californian! I’m over in Sherman Oaks.


Hi Nate,
I’m down here in Cerritos.


Hi @kprachya,

I had a great time when I was to (or in?) CA. How are you doing in the crypto world?

Regards! :sunglasses:


Hey Jorge,
Good to meet you here,
Lil’ panic for me because i just started to invest a day before Crypto went down but hopefully will go back up soon



Sure it will, don`t worry.
And I really believe that Cardano will be the future.
Just be patient.
Take care. :smiley:


Thanks Jorge!


San Diego here. Have you bought some ada yet Ken? Now’s the time!


안녕 한국의 코린이야
에이다 그건 무엇인가? 나의 첫사랑?


Hi Martin MKD,
yes I bought some on Monday.



안녕, 코린.
나는 ADA를 좋아한다.


Hey Ken, welcome @kprachya :smiley:


Thanks Jon