Hello from Alaska! .. hopeful dapp developer

So I know I am really late on the scene so to speak , here , posting without introducing myself… I am coming at this project with very high economic confidence because the truth is plainly self evident in functional programming… when BTC came out , myself and friends all thought it was wild, and I mined back in 2011! But, like most of us , I am not rich or FI , I haven’t held coin in years let alone construct operating environments.

Just a little bit of background and goals:
I’m in healthcare, but a former what we used to call hacker (white hat attribute but really , hack in the sense of the word "piecing together functional constructs) in server admin consulting , a long time ago.

Hobbies include futurism, math, the SI problem , Shannon information theory , and economics.

That said I hold an insanity-level belief in futurism and post humanism , and I feel that it is my calling to help bring the benefits of specifically in the forms of functional based programming to help people.

I’m hoping to help on the forum to the extent that I have time , but right now I am currently working on designing dapps for cardano , and I hope to meet some like minded enthusiasts to form teams on here as time passes.

Overall, a bit of a ramble , but just, I’d like to express my overwhelming gratitude to have found such an innovative but even more so , future oriented project.


Welcome to the forum.

I have plenty of ideas flying around for dapps but lack the coding ability, so Im very interested to see what you come up with, if I can help in anyway I would be happy to.


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Many people want to understand dapps. It would be nice to start a thread with Dapp ideas.

I have seen and replied to the dapps thread , but , from an iohk perspective , what would be the best route to get a team together ? I kind of wonder, should I wait for the next era and float things via the voting staking system? Or pursue an independent fund raise / tge …

You could get ada from the treasury. You could pitch your idea to emurgo as well.

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Thanks ! I will as soon as time allows. Thanks for responding !

Hello Accelerandant, welcome to the forum. You should definitely reach out to Emurgo and start kicking around your ideas.

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Ty , I see their location in this system now and , will do so asap

Welcome to the forum