Who else can't wait to build a dapp? What will you build?


I am thinking of building an autonomous organization, with committees that are voted upon, and goals which are allowed to be changed over times through a voting system, like a direct democracy but run by committees.

What are you thinking of building?


I am not sure I can build any Dapp :). I work for a big drug company … would love to find a way to reduce the cost of drug development. Also feel like adoption of Cardano will come when lots of day-to-day mundane applications get replaced.


Very cool. How would ypu do the drug development, you mean distributed treasure funding?

I think a distributed bank would be good. Something thats autonomous and can withdraw and deposit to any blockchain and you log in with a username/pw and can offer investment packages as well…


I am greatly looking forward to building dapps . Hoping to make some connections here although no pm system kind of hinders that . I want to do a multilayered biomedical dapp in mostly Haskell (plutus?), and an add on dapp for predictions markets. I’m assuming somebody is making an augur like dapp here ? Or else we should bring them into the fold so to speak