Cardano Vancouver Canada

As a community we should develop community outreach programs in order to inform the public. The outreach should be focused on Dapp development on Cardano. The mechanism that can be used to fund their project. What are the benefits to building on Cardano. How can users benefit from the protocol. What can be done to give their application a competitive edge. The core mission of Cardano is to provide an easy onboarding experience for developers. Cardano meetups have the potential to attract a variety of builders not just Solidity devs. We can have devs from various sectors of the economy interacting with speakers in the space. A lot of developers who work outside of cryptocurrency still do not take the space seriously due to all the bad actors in the space. This year especially has been an embarrassment to the community with constant bridge hacks, centralized crypto entities going bankrupt and founders trying to flee the country. I propose that we establish a meeting place for Devs in Vancouver. Focus would be on all types of Devs. I would need funding for renting a location & speakers. The goal is to partner with a business who could rent out their location for a few hours. The community focus would be building on ADA.