Hello from Aruba

Hello there from sunny Aruba! I am a multimedia designer, digital marketing consultant here from Aruba. I have been working with the Ministry of Social Affairs and have been involved in miscellaneous projects like The Aruba App (aruba.com) and also give workshops to many different organizations like the Aruba Chamber, Economic Affairs & University of Aruba. I stumbled on Cardano in 2020 and was very excited about the ecosystem and seems align very well with what I have been doing. I really believe this is the future and have started the Caribbean Decentralized Alliance.


Welcome Bruce! Very glad to have you in the community.

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Thank you! I’ve been enjoying the positivity here. :grinning:


Welcome new myself showing some love from brooklyn NYC. Cardano power


Welcome to join the community, Bruce.

Welcome to Cardano Forum @Bruce_Harms :coffee: