Hello from Atlanta

Hi, I’m Joe and I live in Atlanta. I like crypto currencies and functional programming, so I’m especially interested Cardano because of its Haskell implementation. It will be interesting to see where this coin goes.

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Hi Joe, welcome. I’m just outside Atlanta myself. :grinning:

Howdy, Dito on the fp and hs, that is brought me here. See some of my posts I am starting to decipher the code.

Nice to meet you Sean. :smile:

Cool, will check out your posts.

Hey Joe, (Hendrix song)
I’m Myles from Atlanta too. I think Cardano is going to blow up. I’m a dentist so computers are a passion but not my primary area of expertise. Are you in the round up meeting?

Hi Myles, nice to meet you. No, I’m not in the roundup meeting, can you point me to it?