Hello from Greenwich, London

Hi everyone!

Really glad to be here and to learn from you all - such a great and talented community.

I’ve been into cryptocurrency for about 2 years now… still learning! Been a long time hodler of assets such as Tron, VeChain, Holo, GNT, Stellar, Zilliqa and of course Cardano.

Just got rid of all of them (with the exception of Zilliqa), in favour of Cardano - the team here are just doing things that NOBODY has ever done in the crypto space!! Very exciting!

I’m a rubbish investor! Not putting in what I can’t afford to lose at the moment - but still, have lost loads on all these other inferior coins/tokens. I know one needs to diversify n all that… but I have a feeling in my bones that the ZIL will soon be traded so that I will only be hodling ADA???

I don’t think that’s a bad move? I have faith!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello! And back to reading and trying to assimilate what’s happening - system is telling me there’s 2 posts I haven’t read yet! :wink:


Welcome! Thanks for posting. Feel free to ask whatever questions you have.