Hello from Holland again

Hello everyone,

In daily life I work as a senior IT datacenter consultant.
I got interested in crypto currencies several years ago and initially started with Litecoin which was later swapped to Bitcoin.
Tried mining for a while of Burstcoin, but as the cost for mining where higher then the received amount of Burst, this experiment was aborted.
Meanwhile I was looking for other interesting crypto projects and after some investigation found Cardano very interesting and promising.
Now busy to prepare myself for staking and just installed the Daedulus wallet for that reason.
Became a member of this forum to learn in more detail about how staking will work to make the most out of my long term investment in Cardano.
To clarify my username: I will be migrating towards Thailand within a couple of years and am partial Thai.

Just in case someone from Cardano reads this: the link ‘please click here’ in the pinned message for introducing yourself doesn’t work.


Hi theo, good to see another dutchie here, and there are some more. Do you know there is also a dutch cardanogroup on telegram, you can become also a member off that group?
Wish you a pleasant reading time here and perhaps, one day there wille be a cardano meeting in holland and we will see eachother.

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