Hello from me

Hello from Israel!
I am not techical, neither good in business. Usually i am the last owner of the cars before they end up in THE wreckyard. So I am not in Cardano for buy and sell on short term. I am 55 years and hope to retire att 65. Instead of betting lotto , horses ordet socker. i decided to save in Cardano, small ammount, on monthly basis. In july 2029 i Will look what happend with my savings. What do the community recommend me to do? To stay to lottery maybe? Best regards, Pelle


Well hopefully the community will not make any financial advice for you, you are your own best financial adviser (I stole that from one of the Cardano Effect hosts).
Welcome to the forum Pelle! Whatever your choices I hope your retirement in 2029 is grand.


Hello @Pelle! Welcome to the Cardano Forum.

As Chris mentioned, we can’t give you investing advice. The only advice I can give is to 'always do your own research (DYOR) :wink: but luckily, you’ve come to the Forum where there is a wealth of knowledge across our community members and lots of discussions!

Hello, and thank You Booth for warm welcoming me! No, i am not askimg for financial advise, just for not being misunderstood. I am in just to learning and having fun. And yes i have dreams, of course. Just like everybody. But i am in this om my very own risk, and chance. Again, Thank You!

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