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Dear Community

We are happy to announce that our MIMO team, consisting of an IT Operations Engineer and an IT Digital Business Engineer with experience in development and networking, has opened its own pool.

We are currently supporting and promoting the community mainly with information and clarifying answers. However, our goals of the pool are bigger. As soon as our existing creditors (delegates) have received their first rewards, we aim to develop DApps and other tools that will be freely available to the Cardano community.

The Swiss Cardanation Alliance
At the same time, we have entered into an alliance with another pool from Switzerland - ADAsuisse.io.
Together we are dedicated to the development of the already mentioned DApps and are in constant exchange of ideas to promote the general acceptance and awareness of Cardano in Europe and Switzerland. Mobile apps are also in focus.

We would appreciate your support in the form of a delegation to start development work as soon as possible.

Thank you all very much for your attention and of course in advance for your support!

For further questions or suggestions you can always contact us directly.

  • Ticker: MIMO
  • Pool ID: 70938e87c9133725dd9ca79e05edcf064d6e6085900a52dd15559c79
  • Website: MIMO Pool
  • Twitter: CardanoMimo
  • FB: swisscardanation