Hello I am Chronicus from Australia

I have been floating around the blockchain and trading since 2013, I am here to show my support for Cardano I think its a great thing and look forward to riding into the future with it :smile:


Welcome aboard. Love the avatar. I’ve only ever been to Sydney. I’d like to visit the rest of the country one day.

I am in Melbourne, all Australia is a great experience that everyone should do once in their life. Thanks for the welcome!

Would love to do Australia also, maybe fish the coast someday…
Welcome to the community!

Great to see another Australian aboard. I’m in Queensland.

The fishing here is awesome, land-based and out on a boat, we have some nice Marlin on the South East Coast that can, in 1-2 places even be caught on the rocks so no need for a boat!, I believe its the only place in the world that you can do that,
Thankyou for the welcome!

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Awesome, more Aussies the better :smiley: