Hello to the community from cape town south africa


hi proud to hodl ada and really great price avail today.:slightly_smiling_face:


Great name, any Scottish connection?


Welcome @ironbrew2129 Mark! :slight_smile:


Love Capetown! I was lucky enough to visit about 10 years ago. Welcome!


morning Rob
thanks for welcome ,really first time interacting in a social or community network.my only connection to Scotland is i love sound of bagpipes and with drums (marching band music). My motivation for joining the community is basically increase my knowledge of cardona and it workings and vision and see if i can
assist in any way and to be current.I assume you vegan or maybe the upgrade of that raw vegan.i myself more on health trip basically no dairy no animal products and no vegetable oils. still need upgrade vegan and maybe later raw vegan.hodl on


thank you for welcome thanks for Cardano forum for the platform.Great to Be here


Cheers from Seattle, Washington USA!