Help for better understanding

Dear cardano cummunity. last sunday i decided that i wanna be a part of this network and started to setup my own cardano stake pool. i followed the instructions on coincashew til step 8 where the nodes need to synchronize. this took several hours on my cloud maschines and i checked the nodes the day after. my relay1 and the producer1 were fully synched up but relay2 seemed stuck on starting up. i decided to reinstall it and wait again until it is fully synched. the next day i checked in the morning the relay2 seemed ok now but why ever the other two were not ok anymore. (see below in the picture left side relay1, rigth side relay2)


after checking the status in the evening again, to my suprise, they are all working now.

before i continue with the setup and transfer money to it, i would really like to better understand how it works and why it works. so i kindly ask you guys for help.

i am also a bit afraid of restarting, updating and operate the nodes when i am never sure if this behaviour will return and i don’t know how to solve it. i have also some other questions and wanted to ask where i could get some additional help instead of bothering everyone here with my newbie questions. sry

thank you in advance


The node status was starting…
So if you restart a node it can take time to get into a running state. 2-3 min.
So if the status not changing to running - I recommend to check the logs of the node… it can get stuck opening up the blockchain db… or can not connect to any remote node…
but at least you have the logs about the current node status - and from the logs you can continue investigate the issue

i saw that it was starting up but i was a bit confused that it took several hours. could you pls explain me how to check the logs and where they are located?

what can you do if it gets stuck or is not able to connect to any remote node? just restart?

so you can find details about the logging here:

so what is your configuration in terms of logging?
so when you have the logs - either just restart, or you need to modify the the configs based on the error then restart

journalctl --unit=cardano-node --since=yesterday

this is how it is described on coincashew, how to view the logs. i guess i will read a bit through the logs.

yes - if you start the node as a service then you can fetch the logs via that command…
so the default configuration is using the standard output to printout the logs. but that can be forwarded to a file as well.
In your case the standard output is kept by the service and can provide it via journalctl command

So do i understand this correct that after i restarted the node at 10:54. it took 6 minutes to start up?

maybe i was just not patient enough. i thought because the other node is running i made a mistake during installation. thank you, next time i should be able to check the log files and see why it is not working.

yes, correct - it took 6 min to open the db…