Help Needed! Universal Translation on The Forum

Hey All!

So here’s what I was thinking -
We have a vibrant international community, active on numerous language areas on the forum. Sure, we can use Translate services to read, or even interact, with specific posts, BUT -

We cannot easily browse through new posts on the Latest, and view all translated simultaneously!

So you’ll be able to read through topics in Russian, Korean, and all the rest, at the same time. It’s up to us, not CF or anyone else, to ensure we become a cohesive, coordinated community. This is not going to get us there, but a step in the right direction I’ll be psyched to take!
I only did a quick search to see if something like this existed, with no luck.

I was wondering if anyone knows of such a tool, or was interested in creating an extension that combined several languages’ translation on a single page :woman_mage::elf:‍♂.

@Andy_Hendrikx @Katsumoto

Most pages that you see are duplicates of original English versions, community members have took it upon themselves to translate those into global native languages so its inclusive of all.

And obviously if you’d like to see there comments then it’s no bother to highlight text and translate it to your native tounge. :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks @rdlrt! I Wasn’t sure the original category was the right one myself :pray:, but I would never have guessed “Community Feedback” :star_struck:.

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Do we have any info about which categories are “Actively” active @Trigger ?
Our community managers may enlighten us soon.

My examples weren’t really random (Korean, Russian), and I’m somewhat inclined to believe the Japanese part is quite vibrant too.

While this does not exactly answer your question, one way to keep a view restricted in “crunch times” is using hide using topics incl. language tags as discussed here. Then, if desired or during our free time, we can visit those tags and posts easily.

Given that most of the modern browsers do provide translation facility on mobile and desktop natively, I wonder if having something within forum as an extension would add much - but thanks for revisiting this, would be interesting to see if things have changed since the last time

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Appreciate the input @rdlrt, you helped me catch an error I made.
I meant to write “Latest” where I said “Homepage”. Amended now.

To clarify, what I would like to view, is all the topics’ titles translated to English, regardless of origin language -

That’s it basically.