Russian speaking section on the forum

We have designated sections in the forum for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese speakers…should we have one for Russian speakers as well?

Let’s do a poll

  • Yes, I speak/read/write Russian
  • Not really relevant to me

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i don´t speak Russian even if i m trying to learn, but i believe a section for Russian Community would be great for the forum and Cardano


Yes. It maximizes Cardano’s exposure, capturing a subset of users that don’t speak English and seek original information from the “guardians” of the platform.

Lots of false info out there.


I voted no because I don’t speak Russian but think having one is a great idea!


Indeed totally right!


Combined population of these countries plus Russia :ru: makes for a hefty demographic. Russian is a second language in these regions. It would be wise to cultivate a space on the forum…spread the gospel so to speak.

I had an interesting experience recently;
Two ladies came knocking on my door :door:, total strangers. Trying to convert me to Jehovahs Witness, it’s not something you usually come across in Brooklyn. The thing that impressed me was that one of them, an African-American lady spoke in Uzbek and then in Russian. A few memorized lines at a conversational level. According to them, they’re looking up families with Uzbek sounding names in the region and paying them a visit to spread their gospel. I noticed a large influx of Uzbek :uzbekistan: immigrants in the city :statue_of_liberty: and I guess so did they. Apparently the Jehovahs Witness website is the most translated website in the world :earth_americas: Link. I appreciated the effort (although it made me think for a sec there’s some shady FBI operation going on in the region) :thinking: :thought_balloon:.We should adopt the same approach as a community. If we build a space for Russian speakers, they will come…besides code is universal, that will be the one common denominator across all our communities.

What do you think @maki.mukai, Can we make this happen?


We are in the process of coming up with a ‘global’ portal/website for the community that will help house the various content in other languages, including Russian. The idea would be that community members can go there to share translated content, work on translations together, and find content pieces easily for the language of their choice.

A Russian category would be good if there are lots of discussions happening in Russian. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the plans for the language portal will help cultivate a better space? Everyone’s free to chime in on this as it applies to all other languages!


Thank you @maki.mukai, looking forward!

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Hello everyone :raised_hands:t6:

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Hello @timsahabutdinov! Welcome to the discussion :slightly_smiling_face:

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@SeanAlimov В русскоязычном разделе, на каком языке общаться нужно? :slight_smile:

На русском :smile:. Но ми ещё ждём русскоязычного разделе, собрать би по больше людей

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Спасибо за перевод @timsahabutdinov!

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I think maki.mukai brings a fair point here.

I was suggested to share a link to my Russian articles about Cardano here as well:

I’ll consider writing more or participating in this community in other ways.


Yes, it’s a fair point.
For now it is still a good idea to have a thread :thread:for natives Russian speakers (who aren’t multilingual) to plug into…just like the Chinese,Korean, and Japanese communities on the forum. I’m sure it will be less and less relevant as time goes on and :cardano: Cardano platform develops further into an international community.

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На счёт русского раздела c переводами – мы не один раз обсуждали этот вопрос с @Katsumoto и мы, команда Cardano Russia, готовы его вести. Сейчас на данный момент русское комьюнити это суммарно больше 500 человек в 2 чатах Телеграмме (один для трейдинга, в другом только о проекте); канал в Телеграмме с новостями на почти 100 человек; 2 Ютуб канала с более 20 переводами в каждом; Твиттер, который читает больше 200 человек. Думаю мы можем смело сказать, что суммарно у нас пока больше 1 000 человек, которые следят за нашими переводами и любой переведенной информацией о проекте.
Я понимаю, что это очень маленькая аудитория для проекта в целом, но мы готовы развиваться и мы уже публикуем наши переводы в несколько русскоязычных изданий о криптовалютах. Сейчас есть договоренность с 3 изданиями, что мы можем публиковать у них статьи, вот полный список С остальными продолжаю вести диалоги о публикациях и на данный момент ищем адекватных создателей контента на Ютубе.


The Blockchain journal :notebook_with_decorative_cover:
6,417 Russian speaking subscribers

Article on Cardano in :ru: Russian

Coin_Post Russian community
71,840 subscribers

Cryptocurrency news for Russian readers
2,776 subscribers

Bits_media for Russian readers

@Soluyanov приветствуют!
Нам нужно собрать голоса :ballot_box: для Официального партнёрства с :cardano:, достаточно показать интерес. Нужно уговорить состав наших людей проголосовать на этой платформе.

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Я не много знаю команду Coin_Post и BCJ это не самые большие каналы в Телеграмме.
Сколько нужно голосов для официального партнёрства?

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Даешь Русский в массы