Where are the Japanese Lounge Members?

Given that we don’t have a solid criteria for joining the lounge other than referrals, maybe it makes sense that we have a disproportionally large number of English lounge members.

There are some people that post a lot of content. Off the top of my head:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClvv-5YldP8e_E5geg3fwLA (Mostly just uploads long often drunken rambles about Cardano)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCLHMbftUgCjIcQiKeaYG6A (translates a large amount of Cardano content to Japanese)
https://twitter.com/Katsumoto87 posts a lot of Cardano content and moderates our Telegram groups
https://twitter.com/nncc1006 runs a lot of Cardano-related stuff

Do we want some more Japanese speakers in the lounge?


@SebastienGllmt Yes. Was thinking about this point recently for the lounge and our larger community. More diversity of voice would be better…


Yeah I guess you can replace this title with any other language other than English. If we want to make the ambassador program scale how do we tackle the different languages? In practice we have CF members that speak English/Japanese/Korean which is probably why we have this trio but what do we do in the future?

I don’t mean to derail this thread too much but maybe a requirement for being a lounge member is that you have to be able to speak some level of English? It’s an extremely unfortunate requirement to have since I’m sure it will exclude a lot of great people but maybe it’s the only way to scale? Just thinking out loud here.


I second that. It looks to me like supporting certain languages would attract people who hasn’t time to read and learn new/complicated crypto stuff in English. When they started understanding the basics some of them will be interested enough to join also the main (English) channels.

To do this we definitively would need some ambassadors speaking multiple languages, who can attempt to start some activities in their language.
JP definitively yes
RU Ruslan is more than ready
DE I would be interested to see more people from DACH region (= Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

There are two German Cardano facebook groups, and my idea is to post some content there linking directly to the forum. Note: I don’t write there “please join/move to the forum” because the group admins there wouldn’t love it. Instead I posted a link there pointing to the Linux beta tester invitation in this forum

This would work even better, when I can point to some [insert_language_other_than_english] content.


+1 for Katsumoto, he manages a big part of the official community, we need him in here

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Great suggestion @SebastienGllmt!
I’ve invited Niels (katsumoto) into signing up for the forum and we can add him into the lounge. Nozomu is unfortunately taking a little break at the moment but we can add them in once they’re ready :slight_smile:

As for ‘other languages’, it is something we are looking into. Of course, we want to expand the project and community as much as possible but without a team member fluent in the additional languages its hard to make sure content being pushed is accurate. In the meantime, we freely welcome unofficial community groups to start off and grow!


This is very nice to hear, thank you! But how you make sure the team member is accurate? :slight_smile:

I’m asking, cuz - hire me then. I’m not even joking. I’m ready to take the position for $1 per month (in ADA of course). Or if it’s legally impossible - I’m ready to sign an agreement that I donate 100% of my salary to the needs of the Foundation :slight_smile: Unfortunately, only as a part-time member, but if it’s possible - I am ready to sign whatever that makes me legally responsible for anything I’m posting and moderating in the Russian category.

~~P.S. Also, today we’ve learned that the guy who helps Katsumoto to admin the telegram groups, speaks Russian :slight_smile: https://t.me/CardanoReportToAdmin/439~~ No he doesn’t =)

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I fully understand and agree. The question is if lounge members and/or ambassadors con fulfil these requirements? Eventually also as @vantuz-subhuman suggested/asked by having some contract.
A forum member named @Chris28 should have contacted you regarding organization for a German meetup. I haven’t told him about the lounge yet, but he appears pretty active and voluntary to contribute and help to build up the community. I’ll hear him today by phone in order to understand if we can take some coordinated actions to attract new members with the goal to have a good virtual base for a first physical meetup. That’s why I’m interested if localized sub-categories would be OK from CF-side.

We also wonder how to support, revitalize and engage existing German communities like the two facebook groups

one idea is to let them know about interesting content in the forum, but also to bring the active and still interested users together (possibly in a first meetup)

this group is also interested to pick up interesting news and statements, translate and publish them


(sorry for hijacking this “japanese” topic)


Hi all, and thanks for inviting me to join here.
Now I came to think of it, I haven’t signed up for the forums yet.

Odd though, for some reason my username was already taken…anyway!

I’ll try to check back here from time to time, and comment or post relevant articles and other things related to Cardano.

See you around!