Help the Newbies

Hi Cardano Forum

Been sad to read so many being scammed in various ways e.g. Video giveaways (on YTube etc.) and fake wallets

So to help the newbies : THERE ARE NO FREE ADA !!!
If someone is offering FREE ADA on a video or via Telegram/Facebook or whatever

PLEASE IGNORE and keep what you have already

Secondly : Fake wallets are out there, they may look like official kit, but their not (either on Play Store/App Store or Website)

For mobile : Yoroi is excellent and has been created by EMURGO, avail on the Appstore and Play Store

For Macbook/PC : If your not on the Cardano Official Wallet Website at

To my fellow Forum family, we could also help

Please go on App store and Google Play Store and write a review on the official Yoroi Wallet
I’ve just done that and was surprised to see only 24 reviews for Yoroi !!!

Please help protect the community and the OFFICIAL Yoroi Wallet

Do a review it takes 60 secs :purple_heart:

EDIT Could we have this or something official posted on the Forum Homepage as a section, it’s so important that we do what we can to prevent scammers, people losing ADA could be left feeling negative towards Cardano for something we didn’t actually cause but we could help to avoid :+1:


Hi Machtwo

There is so much scam awareness content out there on all Cardano Platforms.

Having it pinned on the homepage is not a bad idea though.

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@MachTwo Problem is most of the users come to official forums AFTER they realise they made a mistake. If you look at most of the users who complain about falling for scams, their accounts itself are created few moments before their posts. Having said that, nothing against idea of having this post on home page.

everything can be used for good or bad purpose.

the solution is education, and we have the responsibility to teach users / holders and no IT people.

thank you for your article and reminding us this difficult topic.

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Agree there is a lot of info out there.

Small favour, can you all get the Ambassadors and IOG/Cardano people to do a review on App/Play Store :+1:

I appreciate we won’t stop it all, just trying to bias it to help

Maybe worth also having a pop up (that can be switched/toggled off) within the wallets that states something like :
“Are you sure your sending this transaction to a known contact and address ?”

Please note : “People will try to steal your wealth and assets, please visit our website for the most up to date list of the various scams and how to avoid them”

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As a noob, I’m really impressed with the support in this forum and appreciate the advice. Scams are rife but Cardano peeps seem much more active in supporting new people to Cardano (and crypto generally). Just wanted to let you guys know that it’s much appreciated :smiley:

I’ll try and ensure that when chatting in other forums, that people are aware of this place.


Wrote a review just now. This is a great idea.

Hi guys,

I am in Australia and have some Cardano sitting on a coinspot account (a platform in Australia to swap coins not an exchange) wondering if with the current Mary Hard fork coming, if it is an issue if I leave them on this site? Any advice would be much appreciated.