Cardono giveaway and Yoroi wallet

I used a Yoroi wallet to send ADA to the giveaway promotion…
Now i dont seem to get anything back. and now i noticed my wallet adres has changed.

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Nothing, your ADA are lost; sorry but there is no ADA giveaway; the only way to earn free ADA is to delegate to a pool


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ok cheers. i can shoot myself for my dumb beliefs now xD

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Hi @rubenhut ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. I am really sorry to hear your loss. There is no giveaway. And be careful with lots of scam video, scam apps. Do not give your seed phrase, keep everything secure. Wish you a nice weekend.

WELCOME :grinning:

Unfortunately, I do not believe you can do anything now. :frowning_face:

ok cheers. i can shoot myself for my dumb beliefs now xD

What was your “dumb belief” ? What did you believe or hope would happen?

How much ADA did they promise you? Send x amount, then receive % back?

You do not need to respond to this response.

Things like these really put a bad taste in my mouth - especially when it happens to new members.

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On YouTube I got suggested a livestream from the ceo of cardano. With a giveaway of Ada if you send in Ada you get 2x what you send in.
It all looked really legit and the website ( I believe, looked real. And so I send in a lot of Ada to get some. But I had some issues with my wallet and was so focussed on understanding how it worked that I lost focus on the legitimacy of the giveaway.
That was my mistake and so I lost a lot of money.
Please be warned for these scams i learned the hard way now.
Thanx for your support!


The same thing was happening about 6 months ago - for the Ethereum community. A Vitalik Buterin (not sure if official site) live stream - “You send us X and we will give you 300% back!” - Type of scam.

What I cannot figure out - If the big players (like the continent of Africa ) - are getting involved, but allow small and new people to get scammed.

How would the unconnected be protected after we "“Connect the Unconnected”

I have heard as a child - ‘Life is not fair.’ But, who made up that rule to begin with?

I am a newbie/nobody - but I will see who I can speak with about these issues, because you are not the first and you won’t be the last.

Take Care. Respond with any questions.


Vitalik & Charles worked together in the distant past, but don’t worry: We are creating the future! :partying_face:

THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING UP! Mistakes are hard to share, but a real man/woman/other knows that we can learn from each other each and every day!