Hi, my Yoroi wallet was hacked and obviously I lost all my ada. I am advising all the users to not buy ada, not use yoroi, emurgo has a fake defi attitude that brings answers like “we are not responsable for your loss”, but the users did not make any fault. When a wallet is hacked and this happens to thousand of people, you should refund something by using collaterals. DO NOT BUY ADA, TRUST ME

Please dont spread any FUD here.

If you leak your seedphrase or use a compromised device is no one but yourself is responsible for it.

This doesnt mean that there are any security flaws or issues for Cardano.


It’s unfortunate you lost all your ADA, but the post is misleading.

My 2 cents:

Before doing any major investment into crypto everyone should get informed what risks are associate with what types of wallets.

There are software wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets, air-gapped machines, etc…
You usually trade usability convenience or cost with security.

When I say security, it’s not that Yoroi is not secure when not used with a hardware wallet but it relies on the device it’s running on to be secure and not infected, a strong spending password, etc.

There are also wallets at the exchanges which you have no control over, but many times this is not a bad option for people who are not into technology and are not sure how to keep their funds safe.

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Welcome mr ranting bot like user Usuario_Google
Lets try the rule: not your keys, not your coins.
Lets try the other rule: if you only rant and are not describing at all what exactly happend, noone will come for help.


What a strange demented original post.
Almost like …I’m entitled to free ADA as an imaginary compensation.

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Brilliant post…you’re probably right. Very well put . :grinning: