Ada were Compromised from my yorroi wallet

There was a compromised in my $ADA as they were withdrawn by someone else . We could have kept our ada on wallet that would have been more safe. My ada were Compromised just like that. I mailed yooroi support team, even they were clueless and said to me that “We are sorry for your loss and we can do something about it” such a lame excuse. They should have tracked the address and frozen the thief’s account. Yooroi biggest drawback is let’s say I enter my seed phrase and then they ask password, password is not set as we can enter new password and still access it through seed phase , SO what is the meaning of withdrawal password or such , Useless now my hard earned ada is lost . What should I do there is no option left neither do yooroi community can help me. Can anyone help me to get my ada back. I can provide with all the details necessary.

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No theres nothing anyone could do in that case.

Im sorry for your loss but next time you should probably do some research before you are investing your money.

In a decentralized world there is entity in control which could freeze an account. Everyone is responsible for themselves.

The spending password does only encrypt the keys which are stored localy after restoring a wallet, but if you have the seedphrase, the spending password is irelevant.

So what is the point of yorroi wallet then If it is not safe. I guess I have used in browser only for min-swap and Sundaeswap . So how can I stay safe in this situation. Through yooroi wallet can’t i explore cardano ecosystem and it decentralised exchanges.

Yooroi team should take this on chin and take the blame on themselves. Once a user will add seed phrase , password should be done mandatory, without password user cannot access it wallet. All these small steps will only make yooroi wallet more secured and can make a great contribution in Cardano ecosystem.

Please make sure that you resolve this issue and store users ada safely.

Just to make it clear, i have no affiliation with Yoroi or Emurgo.

But as i said, you probably should do some due diligence before using cryptos. There is nothing wrong in terms of security with Yoroi, but it seems like you werent careful enough to handle your seedphrase properly.

If you fail to secure you seedphrase, it doesnt matter if you use Yoroi, Daedalus or any other wallet. Once your seedphrase was exposed to someone, that person is able to restore that wallet and have access to your funds. Thats literally how crypto works.

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