ADA gone

Hello All,
I lost all of my ADA from Yoroi wallet.
Transaction happened three days ago and i traced down the address in blockchain and address is whale which holds around 125M ADA. Is same thing happening regularly on YOROI ?. what can i do?


Then it is probably not the wallet of the attacker themselves, but an exchange where they cashed out.

Not necessarily on Yoroi, but with all wallet apps. There are no known vulnerabilities in the wallet apps themselves, but mostly it’s the users giving their seed phrase to a scam site. Sometimes also malware grabbing the keys from the wallet apps or something like that.

Probably nothing. Sorry!

I do not know of an issue like this with Yoroi.

However I consider web wallets like Yoroi less secure than say Daedalus.Is your machine a shared machine? The can increase the chances of malware getting onto the machine. Its also worthwhile learning as much about computer security as you can. If you know how to set up multiple browser profiles, I highly recommend having a Yoroi only profile and only using Yoroi with that profile.

Finally, if you must use a web wallet, I highly recommend using it with a hardware wallet.

I’d also recommend a hardware wallet when using Daedalus.

Malware could just as easily get to the secrets stored on disk (and encrypted by the spending password) with that as with the light wallets. Not that much of a difference. (If the bad guys spend the effort of targeting it is a different question.)

What maybe makes browser-based wallets more insecure is that users could more easily fall for fakes with them. (Although there was the fake Daedalus mobile app a lot of users fell for at the beginning of the year. Not something that could have been prevented by technology, but still a fake using the brand.)

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If you are using Daedalus on a multi use and/or multi user machine I would completely agree.

I have Daedalus on a machine (running Linux) that is only used for Daedalus. A hardware wallet would add extra safety to this, but since it is a separate machine (and its running Linux) its already significantly safer than a multi use and multi user Windows machine.