Help uploading and minting NFTs please

New member on the Cardano community with not much coding experience here.
My project have 1k members on discord and 6k followers on twitter
so I wanted to upload my 10000 nft collection to nftmaker pro (since it’s the one that simple enough for minting big numbers of nfts )but I didnt find a way to upload all 9999 NFTs since it only allows uploading one at a time.
also I want to make my minting process a “Mint a random nft” and limit it to one or two mints per wallet and add a whitelist so the server will not break.
I’m sorry if it’s too much but I dont want my project to fail cause of my coding inexperience.
if any dev would like to join that would be awesome. thank you

If you can run your own node along with cardano dbsync, I have some software that could help you. I’m developing it as open source but it’s still being developed. Perhaps in 2 or 3 weeks it will be ready for a large NFT project.

if you found any solution at the moment for minting can you help me please
i have the same problem

Not sure if this is the right forum, because what you want to do is really more NFT Maker Pro related than Cardano but anyway:

To upload all NFTs in a programatically way, you need to use their API: Swagger UI

With that you can use code to generate all your NFTs information (image, metadata, etc) and automatically upload each of them using the /UploadNft/{apikey}/{nftprojectid} POST method from the API.

I’d suggest hiring a dev for that because it’s not a simple task for those who are not used to code.