Hey guys, getting the following error. For someone reason my node is in Alonzo era when it needs to be in babbage?

[2022-09-23 02:02:53.14 UTC] fromList [(“err”,Object (fromList [(“currentEra”,String “Alonzo”),(“kind”,String “HardForkApplyTxErrWrongEra”),(“txEra”,String “Babbage”)])),(“kind”,String “HardForkApplyTxErrWrongEra”),(“txEra”,String “Babbage”)])),(“kind”,String “TraceMempoolRejectedTx”),(“mempoolSize”,Object (fromList [(“bytes”,Number 0.0),(“numTxs”,Number 0.0)])),(“tx”,Object (fromList [(“txid”,String “b282ba9f”)]))].

Can i change this in my config file? Is there a way to address this? Node version is latest 1.35.3

I’d like to point out after a little i get the new error of ErrorPolicySuspenderConsumer.
[2022-09-23 02:12:07.69 UTC] IP ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError (MuxIOException writev: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)) “(sendAll errored)”))) 20s 20s

I think the error/warning is related to another node which wants to connect yours.

If u run 1.35.3 and you have IN/OUT peers and also tx processed then it should be fine

is this one of your nodes IP (


Alright. Every time I restart it needs to replay which SUCKS, but glive view didn’t start for me. The logs didn’t show Tx processing, so I’m a little bit worried. After the first error, its just repeats with the ErrorPolicySuspend Error

what do you mean, how is glive output? can u share it?
probably if you have IN peers, you are not seeing tx processed because inside configuration file you have set TraceMempool to false. (setting to true will use more RAM)