Hey guys, I’m Josh from Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello everyone. I was hoping to seek some guidance in regards to speaking with a member of the Cardano Foundation. Thank you in advance for your time.


welcome! go Canada!

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@RobJF is that the best way to contact Charles Hoskinson personally?

No. CEOs of important corporations don’t generally publicise their personal emails and phone numbers! Also, his position is in IOHK, not the CF.

Why do you want to contact him personally? If you tell us what it’s about we might be able to point you in the right direction.

@RobJF thansk for your quick reply. is there a way we can talk in private?

If it’s a Cardano related business proposition it should go to Emurgo. You can PM any member, just click on their name at the top of a post and you’ll see the Message button. I’ll be checking in on the forum only occasionally over the next few days.

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Thanks once again. Can I have IOHK email ? I am setting up an opportunity for Charles but I can’t say more in public.

Hello @Joshada Josh!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Feel free to email on info@cardanofoundation.org or send me a DM.

Best wishes,


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Thank you.

Hey Josh! Toronto here! Welcome to the Cardano community! Great seeing a fellow Canadian on board this ship! People on the forum and great! All the best :slight_smile:


Hey Josh,

Great to have a fellow Canadian! As you know, Cardano is a great project and this forum is the best place to learn from fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the success of our growing community. Welcome and best wishes!


Thank you for all the warm welcomes! It’s nice to see some fellow Canadians in here as well!

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Hi Josh! Welcome to the Forum :wave:

I’m from Vancouver (but working in London for Cardano Foundation)…but funnily enough, I am in Calgary today for a family vacation :smiley: Love seeing the Canadian community grow!

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Oh wow! Welcome to Calgary! Considering you are working for the Cardano Foundation, you may be able to help me out with some questions. My team and I are hosting a blockchain and Cryptocurrency Convention at Cardel Theatre on October 15 and 16 and would be honoured if we could have a couple people from the Cardano Foundation come and speak to and educate our guests about the project.

Our venue seats approximately 300 people and we are providing gourmet food and beverages(nonalcoholic) for all guests, sponsors and speakers. We have Alfa Romeo as our auto sponsor and they will be on site providing test drives. We also have Bitcoin Liquid Assets energy drink sponsoring the event by providing their products for our guests.

Our line up of speakers so far include local and international blockchain developers, international YouTubers and possibly members of the Canadian Blockchain Association.

If this event is of interest to you and your team, we would love to have you! There are a lot of Cardano fans around here and it would be amazing if you could help out anyway possible! Thank you for your response!

Thanks! Been to Calgary a load of times but this time visiting Drumheller and then going up to Banff for a few days of :mountain::hiking_boot:

Will forward this over to the team to see if it is of interest and if anyone is available. Thanks for sending the info over :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Enjoy your holidays as well!

Welcome here Josh !

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Josh! I’m from Calgary! This conference sounds intriguing! Any chance you could post a link for me to check out?


Hi Crypto J! Thank you for your interest in our convention! I don’t want to disrespect the Cardano Foundation or community by posting external links that are not Cardano related. With your permission, I can certainly send you information through a dm. Cheers

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