Hi everyone!

Hello! I’m Melanie. I’m new here and pretty new to the crypto world. I’m looking for some useful information in order to improve my skills and knowledge.


Hello and welcome to our community @Melanie_Griffin


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

G’day from down under.

Welcome to the community @Melanie_Griffin The forum is defiantly one of the best places to find info! :cardano::wave:

Welcome to the community! My channel on youtube can help you navigate news and happenings with Cardano ecosystem.

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Hi Melanie! Welcome! Useful info? Rule #1 for me has always been and still is “Do your own research”. It’s the most important advice I can give you. I am not telling you to disregard others’ advise or input. Just make sure you vet it with some additional research. Glad to have you on board. Also ask questions, if you don’t know. This forum has some pretty smart individuals who are willing to help.


Welcome Melanie :wave:

Welcome to the group @Melanie_Griffin

Welcome Melanie!

Happy to help with questions.

Here are some YouTube channels for you:

Lots of other good stuff as well. Let me know if you need more suggestions.

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Hello everybody! My name is Masha. Let’s meet!

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@mashaprofy Welcome! If you have questions or need a few pointers, don’t hesitate to ask.


How many replies! Thanks forthe warm greetings!:smiley:

Welcome @Melanie_Griffin :wink: