Hi from Canada!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been holding ADAs for some time now (since $0.25) and I really appreciate seeing my wallet grow lately, although, I’d especially like the increase to slow down because I haven’t finished filling my pockets with ADAs.

What led me to Cardano, however, is not the money. I’ve been making money with Bitcoin and I was wondering “what to do next” when I came across the whiteboard video. The geek in me was so invigorated that I’ve been reading about the project ever since.

I wish us all that this project continues to evolve, because it will be good for all of us and not only for those with ADAs :slight_smile:

Have a good day!


Could you provide me with some sites where I can find reliable information about Cardano and its projects?

Im new in the crypto world and i dont really know where to search for?


Welcome glad to have you!

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Hi, Here is the video that got a lot of us started with the project:

Lots of videos from IOHK the company doing major development here:

Lots of stuff from Charles Hoskinson the founder also (He also founded IOHK). Here is a Cardano orientation video he recently made:

He is famous for his almost weekly AMAs. That can all be found on his YouTube channel here

Also search for interviews with him on YouTube. They are all good.

Good luck!:

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Hello! Welcome! It’s great to hear from a fellow Great White North(erner). You’re right, this project is absolutely top notch. Enjoy!

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