Hi, from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Everyone, my name is Matthew Consolo. I work for DApp360 Inc. We are working on becoming a Cardano consulting company in South Florida. Myself and the founder, Hassan Michael, are both blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We believe Cardano will set itself apart once the blockchain is fully developed. Rome was not built in a day, same goes for this well thought out and planned blockchain. I look forward to meeting and learning from everyone and hope to pitch in with the discussions.


Hello and welcome to the forum @dapp360

Welcome @dapp360!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome @dapp360

Sup! Im the dude that took over that meetup group(Chris) hope all goes well and if you need any help lmk

Hey Chris, which meetup group? Will you be joining this one?

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Nevermind I can see you on the members list. Are you coming to our first meeting on Oct 14?

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Yeah man ill come!


I am interested to know what type of Cardano consulting services do you offer?

Welcome to the community!


Here is our website with the services we will offer. https://dapp360.co/consulting/

We plan to offer Blockchain, DApp Development, Stake Pool Operation help and System integration.