My Preamble

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been following Cardano for a few months now. The more I read about it and it’s approach, the more I trust it and it’s community.

I am currently in the Orlando area, will be moving to Atlanta soon for a few months, then will be moving to wherever life takes me (Preferibly Colorado)

I want to dedicate myself to learn more about creating a DAPP on Cardano platform because I trust and relate to it’s vision.

I look forward to learn more from this community and all contributors of Cardano. It feels right to be part of something great that will revolutize the future. It’s in our hands, all we need to do is seize the day and take action. Are you with me?


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Awesome! Great to see people who want to build and innovate, the technical aspect is not my expertise so I cant guide you on that - but I wish you all the best with it! and I am sure others can be more helpful on this topic, specially as we get closer and closer to a actual functioning platform.

As far as I understand you will be able to use many of the traditional coding languages - so if you come from a non-coding background you will have to go pick some skill there.

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Welcome @Santi22

Great preamble :wink:

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Nice to meet you! I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Orlando. Better town now than it used to be in terms of food at least. Downtown pretty fun too.

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I agree with you on the community aspect! The team, project concept and road map, along with the community makes Cardano my #1 on my crypto list.