Hi Guys, Richard from London, Pleased to be part of the Cardano Community

Firstly I have to say I think this is an amazing project, which has just fascinated me since i first time I stumbled across Cardano.

My background is an engineer on the Railways and have a degree in IT (Java. C. Python etc) and the work going on here in mind blowing.

I am very new to to the alt coin market and joined a few exchanges to trade, but this project has made me decide I am a long term holder and will be staking.

The Cardano web site is well laid out, and full of technical information and the team behind this project are very impressive. I Have enjoyed all of the YouTube videos with Charles Hoskinson and the whiteboard with Duncan Coutts and will keep watching and reading to expand my knowledge.

My investment here is in the team, and a great team can achieve almost anything.

So thankyou to the team and all contributors for all of the hard work that has already been done and no doubt still to come.

All the best



Welcome @Rickonomics glad to have you here!

@Rickonomics I share the sentiment! I want to do anything I can to help this vision see adoption.

Welcome and a really nice introduction - great to have you here! @Rickonomics Richard :smiley: