Hi , how much longer?

hi , send to mt wallet at 3 o clock pm and now is 8 o clock pm and not in my wallet the ADAs i sent , please can someone tell me how much longer it can be ? 24 hours ?
im using AdaLite , its first time a send adas to a hot wallet.
this is the wallat code i used.
Please someone tell me something about it , i worried

So, from where to where did u sent the ADA?

from monnos , cryptocurrency broker in Brazil , how much time is normal to ADA funds appears in wallet after be send?

It depends… he gave you the transaction ID? Sometimes it takes few minutes sometimes 1-2 days

i send from monnos wallet to adalite wallet

yes i have the transation id , but how longer it can be , the maximum?

And, inside the transaction ID the receiver address is correct right? Should be your address from adalite wallet

Can take up to 48 hours


48 hours, oh really thank you , i wait, best wishes for you

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