How much time it takes sending ADA from Daedalus to Daedalus?


Does anyone know how long it takes sending ADA between Daedalus? from Daedalus wallet to another Daedalus wallet.


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Last week, I just tried making a transaction back to myself (1 address to another), I have 3 confirmations in 1.5 minutes.

Thanks a lot,

Do you want to experiment? It is so cheap and fast to send ADA that I am willing to trade some for the fun of it. Let me know when you have your wallet up and running and if I’m online, I will send you a few ADA on a virtual handshake that you will send it right back to me!


Hi @someguyonabike, If you want, I’m ready to try. I sync my wallet,


Please, let me know exactly the time you do it in order to know how much time it takes.
I’ll send your ADA back


5 ADA sent at 06:08:01 AM EST or 11:08:01 zulu time

Please kindly return to

I received your 5 ADA 1 minute ago!

I give you back,


Really Fast!! And affordable.

Received! At 06:13:11 EST

@someguyonabike , I have no ADA in this PC / Wallet, so I didn’t send the 5 ADA. I sent 4.829193 ADA
I show you a pic. I’m so sorry


No worry! It’s all good. What part of the world are you in?

This days I’m working from Barcelona / Spain. I guess you are from the US?
The transaction was really fast!

Yes, southwest Florida. Peace.

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I have some questions …

Who gets the fee? In the last transaction you can see in the pic +0.170807 ADA fee …
Who gets this fee?
The POS 'ers? As far as I know, there are no POS’ers “miners” yet (until next year)
The founders? Will be same in the future? The total fee will be for the “miner”? Will the fee be shared with someone?


According to a blog post from Cardano Foundation the fees being collected at this stage will eventually be “burnt”. Please read the blog post and let me know if I’ve misunderstood their statement.

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@someguyonabike, you are right,