Hi, i am Riccardo

Hi, my name is Riccardo, i’m here because i have some question about daedalus tech, and about the smart contract builded on cardano system

Hi Riccardo,

Have a listen to this short podcast to understand Daedalus: Daedalus and it’s Bright future

And here is what we know about smart contracts (cardanoroadmap.com)

Based on the research defining KEVM, the semantics of EVM in K, the K team is designing and defining a new virtual machine. IELE will serve as a uniform, lower-level platform for translating and executing smart contracts from higher-level languages, which can also interact with each other by means of actual function calls. IELE will be a register-based machine, like LLVM. It has an unbounded number of registers and supports unbounded integers.

The virtual machine will provide a uniform gas model, across all languages. The general design philosophy of gas calculation in IELE is “there are no limitations, and you pay for what you consume”.

IELE will make it easier to write secure smart contracts. This includes writing requirements specifications that smart contracts must obey, as well as making it easier to develop automated techniques that mathematically verify and prove smart contracts correct with respect to such specifications.

The design of IELE is done in a semantics-based style, using K. Together with a fast (LLVM-based) execution backend for K, it is expected that the interpreter obtained automatically from the semantics of IELE will be sufficiently efficient to serve as a reference implementation of IELE. To validate IELE and especially its gas model, translators/compilers from Solidity and Plutus Core to IELE will also be developed as soon as possible.

Oh, by the way this is a really good place to learn about other aspects of the system: https://cardanodocs.com/introduction/

About the link, is there a PDF? And regarding plutus, is there a more complete manual?

Hi Ricardo,

No and no.

It’s early days in this project. This has confused many people due to the massive confidence that investors have in the project (for good reason). Plutus is not finished (see roadmap link). You can print the doc’s as a pdf if you really want to but I don’t know why you would want to convert the docs to something less functional.


Hi, I’m still here, i’ve seen this site:


does that mean Plutus is ready?