Hints on how promote new and little stake pool [CBACK is ready to grow]

Hi everyone, I am very new in this forum, and very new to the Cardano Ecosystem. I am discovering in the last months what a big project is and what are its objectives, very stimulating environment!
I was introduced by a friend to the project of a Stake-Pool, I have no heavy techincal skill to help him with technical aspects, so I offer to promote his pool [CBACK] .
Do you have any hints to reach an amount of delegators and ADA to mint some blocks?
I saw that a lot of operators have websites and social network channels and a place where you can contact them or be updated by the pools developers. Besides lower fees I don’t see other big motivations to reach the most bigger and famous ones.
In our pool we thought about cashback, at the moment we give to all delegators 20% of minted ADA (proportionally to delegated amount).
But at the moment we are very little (only me and some friends we have delegated but we are still too little to earn some blocks).
If you are interested join our pool CBACK https://cashbackpool.net/ and get more reward than other!
Any suggestion is much appreciated!

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It’s a 1 million question! Posting on social media I guess will attract delegators.

patience is the key to success


Then we will arm ourselves with patience and a little bit of social communications :sweat_smile:.
Thank you for your reply! Now I know that others have the same problem. I saw that your pool is growing, good luck with that! Also because charity is one important argument in Cardano ecosystem. Yesterday I saw the interview of Frederik Gregaard (CEO of Cardano Foundation) and he speak also talks about this topic about how it is finally possible to know which project your money goes into. That’s great news!

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Thank you! Heads up, in march k will be 1000 that means the saturation point will be 32M not 64M like now… and delegators will migrate to new pools which are not saturated!


in march k will be 1000 that means the saturation point will be 32M not 64M

Oh that’s interesting! Where do you see this kind of updates? (from hoskinson youtube video o are there others official update on decentralization and specific on pools …?)

There are a lot of sources on media… I use twiteer following Charles, CArdano foundation, other pool operators, IOHk, discussions on forrum, etc

Perfectly clear, sorry for my naive question.
Have a good day!

I lost patience! Just running pool for the sake one delegator and I have delegated my ADA to other pool :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, finding delegators it is the hard work … but u should not give up!

Heads up! In march k will be 1000 and delegators should migrate to other pools