Growing a Cardano Stake Pool

Hi Everyone,
I have set up a stake pool named “JUDH”.
Setting up a Cardano stake pool was not so much of a challenge.
However, now I realise that the main challenge for me or any small pool operator is growing the pool and getting some decent amount of delegations so that the pool is able to create some blocks.

I have tried to email some famous youtubers, but have not been able to get any response from them yet. I also realise that no one is going to delegate to my pool unless I advertise my pool.

So the question in a nutshell is how can I advertise my pool and get some delegations. Can someone with experience guide me on this please ?

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Hi! Welcome to the SPO club!

There is no guidance book: You just have to find your own way - be creative! Give your audience a reason to delegate their stake to your pool: Contribute to the community, help people, educate them, guide them, entertain them, do charity/donation work. Be unique and make a difference.

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take a look on
an initiative running to help out smaller pool sget noticed and get some stake peak during a few epochs (5 days of fame if you will)

hope to see you soon


I have the same problem. There’s currently no incentive for delegators to stake with a pool that has like 0.3% chances to mint a block in an epoch, when they can choose a pool that pretty much guarantees minting.
There’s also a lot of us already promoting on twitter, youtube, etc, si As mentioned, you need to be creative - though I don’t know how tbh.
I joined the f2lb group, it’s worth a shot.

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thanks @BaasMons , I aam definitely going to try every method at my disposal, f2lb being one of them

thanks @OlMonolo, I am going to try my luck on f2lb

Thanks @BaasMons. f2lb a great help for new SPO with low funds! Any other similar tools or any help from Cardano to help new SPO?

Although help is always nice to new pools, ultimately, these should be run as businesses. So attract stake, have a plan, be out there, and contribute some content to the community.

And as with everything worthwhile…

Patience and consistency are key

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