What can be done for pools that have yet to mint a block?

Hi there - for those of us SPOs that have still to mint a block we are stuck in a bit of a catch 22 situation. It is difficult to get delegation as why would people delegate to a pool that has not minted a block and how can we be absolutely sure everything is working OK until we mint a block. I know this is a concern for a number of SPOs and I for one have invested quite a lot of my own money to even give myself a chance of minting a block. However with my current pledge and delegation I am looking at only a 9% chance of being allocated leader slots per epoch therefore I could be waiting up to a year for my first block. I know there is a program in place which I have applied for to get delegation but if we want true decentralisation so that small SPOs can become viable I was wondering if there was anything else that could be done?

Yes, u are right; to attract delegators to ur pool is the hard part of the project… be patient, make ur pool known by others and perhaps you will attract delegators… I know in march k will be 1000 (that means the pool saturation will be reduce from 64M to 32M)

Be patient, your blocks will came…


I can relate but I understand that now, Cardano gain so much value that some folks will start selling. Maybe pools can become more competitive or the entry barrier will go higher. Its natural that the earlier pool operators that started with millions in pledge have their hedge above us, they started first!
I do think that its a patience game now, keep invested it will pay in the future for sure!