Hosting Virtual Cardano Meetup Interest?

We are using for streaming, organizing, and sharing in one platform. Have people in our network interested in hosting cardano meetup virtually (Austin & UK :uk:) anyone in these regions also interested in joining ?


I’d love to join.

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Hi Christy,
What are you planning, i.e. weekly/monthly approx time in GMT (i’m in UK)



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Got a few people in MN, USA interested in joining! Do you have a time in mind?

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I’m interested!

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Im thinking biweekly - Thursdays //
6pm - GMT + 1 (1pm EST)

I work at that time but I hope the group goes well!

Shall we take a poll?

Please respond with top choice and number 2:
I’ve found with other group meetings facilitated the key is consistency. Meeting at least bi-weekly for 1 hr allows for more consistent flow and steady progress // a place for introducing new members.

Thursdays - 6pm GMT + 1
Thursdays - 7pm GMT + 1
Wednesdays - 6pm GMT + 1
Wednesday- 7pm GMT + 1

Ugh… Unfortunately, I’m in California so I would be at work during those times!