How big is your db now? (mainnet)

I just noticed one of my relays is running short on space. The db is up to about 76 gb…just checking that’s what everyone else has and I don’t have some redundant files in there.

67 GB, for both 1.34.1 and 1.35.0

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Hmm, I’ve got an extra 10gb in there. But I guess it’s always going to increase. New SSD time.

I moved my db on an external HDD attached via USB

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No issue for performance?

nope, is my producer at home and it’s working well
if you will change the ssd probably you must reinstall OS, and I wanted to avoid this atm

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I’ll just clone the ssd onto the new drive. I haven’t had to rebuild an OS for just a clone (hopefully!)


I successfully upgraded my relay SSD drive by cloning to a larger drive. Worked very well and minted blocks since

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63 GB chain data
3.5 GB for 2 ledger snapshots

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du -s -m /workspace/iohk_cardano_node/db/*
64345 /workspace/iohk_cardano_node/db/immutable
3547 /workspace/iohk_cardano_node/db/ledger
0 /workspace/iohk_cardano_node/db/lock
1 /workspace/iohk_cardano_node/db/protocolMagicId
123 /workspace/iohk_cardano_node/db/volatile

immutable is 67.7 GB rn

67GB by now

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