IOPS & Disk Requirements for a stake node

Late to the game, but designing my network and resources for the node. I know the recommended size for a hard drive is 25 GB but based on the stake pool operators experience, what would be a good size and how many IOPS and MB per Sec the SSD need to be? Or does it really matter?

It is not too late, we just started @w0lverin3. Of course people from ITN and Haskell testnet have a knowledge and branding advantage for their pool. (you just have to step on it)

I’m sure any SSD will handle the requirements regarding write/read speed of a node.

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Thanks @adatainment!! Hopefully I’ll have this up and running by the end of the weekend. Where would a good telegram channel to ping technical questions too?

So, the official documentation can be found at:

You probably already know, but I still like to mention that cardano-node has nothing to do with Jormungandr anymore. Please, don’t look for Jormungandr docs.

Most likely you will make faster progress with instructions listed here: Useful resources to run a Stake Pool (also good to know: Haskell node is a synonym for cardano-node)

In addition, there is a super-active group good for searching error messages and such here:


@adatainment Awesome for the clarification on Jormungandr, and Haskell node vocabulary. Already synced up just need to wait 24 more hours to be able to ask questions. Thanks for the help! what will your ticker symbol be?

Glad I could help. People from the Cardano Foundation do not operate pools.