How can I change Pool margin

I created the pool but I set the pool margin to 0.75 then mistakenly… now it shows 75% fee can some tell me how to change this & also I’m not sure why the meta hash is not correct here is a link if you want to take alook:

Please Help :frowning:


How u registered the pool?
Repeat the steps but modify the pool margin.

Regarding your meta hash; it seems to be fine, your pool ticker/description ia visible on and

Ur pledge will be change to 0.75% at the begining of new epoch on pooltool, on adapools already 0.75




Yes thank You I just figured this out after searching I had to re-submit the description & new fee.

Do you know Where Can I find more relay nodes? in relay topology file…

I don’t understand your question

Run topologyupdater (only on relay) script 1/hour and it will discover automaticaly peers

But a list with all public relays you can find here



yes that I wanted the public list.

I really appreciate your HELP.

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