Is it possible to change --pool-margin value

Hi, I’m newbie in Linux and Cardano, I have follow below instruction
Generate Stake pool registration certificate

In the command line, we have one param called “pool-margin”, I set initially a little higher 0.15, in the end, I have completed to build the pool including relay and producer node, that have 15%. I see other people’s pool only 2%-5%, how to change this value again, Can I use the same key submit again to update this value?


Send another registratration certificate (without paying again the cost for registration (500ADA))

The margin desired should be / 100 so in ur case if u want to set the margin to 1,5% then u should set 0.015


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@Alexd1985 I very appreciate your reply. How do I understand “margin pool”, is there an article or subject I can refer? because I don’t know what this param do or affect.

Hello, sorry to ask one more question. pledge value set to 0?

Nope, pledge value it’s ur desired pledge

Thank you, I have solved my problem, --pool-margin has changed from 0.15 to 0.015.