Pool margin


if I wanted my margin to be 5% how would I state that?

–pool-margin 5
–pool-margin 0.05


You would use:

–pool-margin 0.05

Your friend, FROG

@ADAfrog I have a relevant problem. I mistakingly registered the pull first time saying margin 1 which considered it 100% , but after that I re-reregistered with updated number –pool-margin 0.0799 in order to be 7.99% but unfortunately it didn’t get updated. Any thoughts?

Hello Kazi,

Give it some time on the pool sites - as long as the transaction went through and you did not see an error the updated fees should appear shortly after making the changes - might need an epoch turn + 1 before the changes show up but I only think that’s on one or more of the community sites - Daedalus should be updated quickly I believe, and you can check adapools.org to see the change take effect if you watch it when you make the change (check top right hand area where on homepage where it shows pool updates.

Your friend, FROG

hey , let me ask you if i wanted to the pool margin be 0.75% whats the i push in to?