How can I help support Cardano network?

Hi there,
Everything about the direction, transparency, ethos and technical rigor behind Cardano strikes a chord with me. I really want to see it succeed and have every chance to demonstrate a better system can be built. I’m trying to determine what I can do that would help, and this is as far as I have gotten. If anyone can help with gaps in my understanding/advise any direction would be appreciated:

I was going to set up a stake pool, and had spent much time making sure I could cover the technical side of it but realised that even with everyone I know it would only have maybe 100k ADA and at this point it wouldn’t get enough slots to make it feasible, and would maybe only mint a block every couple of months, and a return of maybe 2-3% against costs as opposed to 4-5% delegating. Currently I’ve made sure anyone I know has gotten their ADA out of exchanges and delegated to developers pools who are helping the ecosystems instead of grouping with me to setup as SPO.

If it helps I can support self hosted virtual machines running 24/7 (without automated cloud fallback rigor required for SPO). This article seems to indicate there is also a node machine, and that having an instance of daedalus online would also be supportive.

  • Does the network also require nodes (as well as SPO) - can I setup one of them?
  • And should I setup a Daedalus wallet on that machine and just leave it running?

Thanks for any help understanding what to do