How can lawyers get involved with blockchain/smart contracts?


What role could a lawyer fill within the technology? I.e. writing smart contracts? How would you get started?

Interested to get involved but unsure where to start

There seem to be a lot of legal issues involved with blockchain based businesses, to the extent I wouldn’t be surprised if they needed a full time lawyer on the team. For example, companies that are trying to publicly trade securities on the block chain. I’m looking into that but there are established teams already. It’ll be big.

Or you could possibly incorporate blockchain contracts into your practice, whatever it is… I’m not a lawyer, but it seems like corporate arbitration might be an application.

Smart contracts are great but it’s not really clear yet, how legal jurisdictions will react. Will they enforce a blockchain contract where I buy a car for Ada? What if it’s a lemon? What if I don’t make payments and it needs to be repossessed?

I don’t know, just my thoughts on it.

You could build the first legal prototype agreement in Cardano, that people could use to execute their estate, sell their house, etc, binding parties once entered its self executed.