Not to create FOMO, but the developing around Cardano is going to skyrocket over the next few months, might be a good time to get involved in it now

Following some of the crypto twitter and other sources of information its easy to see that a lot of work is being done on the platform and gaining recognition across the globe.
I see programmers and people interested in programming searching for ways to get involved, its really cool to see so many people interested and the support they are receiving.

How can the non-tech people get involved with the development?

Lets try to answer that question here - please make your own suggestions also.

  • Share your idea’s, the ones you would use in your day to day life like what can be found in this thread Simple smart contract / DApp ideas that you would like to see

  • Show your support and get involved if you have the time for it, developers are more likely to succeed if they have support for the project they are working on, some projects might never see the light of day unless someone is committed to using what gets developed.

  • Give useful feedback and suggestions! It could be your personal perspective that helps someone to better understand their own idea and how they can implement it.

  • Maybe you know someone that can integrate an idea into their business model? Talk about the idea’s you come across with others, Smart Contracts are a little ways off still but it could take someone several months to refine an idea that could benefit them.

  • Possibly take the big step of founding a startup, this could be a huge undertaking, yet if you can clearly define a practical app or business model then you could search for developers to join you in your venture.

As a non-developer myself I have been promoting the use of blockchain tech for some time now, and I can assure you that it is personally rewarding to see a project grow from simple conversation to a real world use case.