How can stakepool operators vote in Catalyst?

Is there any way for stakepool operators to vote in Project Catalyst?
Since my pledged ADA is in a commandline wallet the Daedalus and Mobile App QR code process is not possible.
Is there an alternative way to vote using the commandline?


There is a CLI tool demoed in the latest town hall:

Thanks @Antonio3 !

How could it be that the “CLI tool” is documented in this video, but isn’t described or linked in the video transcript? (only a hint “CLI tool presentation… Samuel Leathers then joined the chat to present on ‘registering to vote as an SPO]’”, without a proper time index in the video)

And how could it be, in general, that such a tool would be announced only on video, and documented only on video, without anyone knowing it’s there unless watching the entire video? Is this all really true, or was that CLI tool announced by any proper means? :nauseated_face:


Voting has started for Fund 2 as I understand.
Is there any answer to this question?
Seems to leave out a large part of the community.

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There indeed is a way and because I didn’t find any documentation elsewhere either, I summarized how I did it elsewhere in this forum.

That said, voting registrations had to be done on chain until five days ago. If you hadn’t done it by then it is too late now, at least for this fund.

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