How Cardano Will Help to Improve The Electoral Systems in Africa

The history of democracy in Africa has proven that competitive elections are indeed significant political moments of transition, regeneration, and restoration. But, while elections are the key events of any democratic society, they are still the most manipulative democratic structure. Elections are full of fragility. As much as the elections in Africa have been clearly beneficial, they also have preceded moments of instability that intensified ethnic violence, political fragmentation, and societal imbalances.

When a mechanism of Cardano is being introduced in the African electoral system, democracy is sure to reach its height of expectations. The E-voting system will save costs of setting up a ballot system for a start, set up an easy voting system (of which you only need an internet-accessible device), eradicate fraudulent patterns; ensure more voters are participating in the voting system, and ensure security. Africa wouldn’t have asked for more.

See how:

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Sorry but you need to fix the spelling of names: Cardona, Hokinson, Idenscale, possibly others too, I haven’t checked carefully.

Corrections noted and taken.
Thank you.

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if we take this serious together is real life change

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Here’s a post I want to link because I think political and money creation power are closely related.

It’s about how a paper side-chain based on cardano could help African rural communities get more power by controlling a bit more there money supply.