How do I build the latest Cardano-cli?

Hey Folks,

When I build, the CLI is no longer building in 8.12.x or 9.0.0. I’m building in Ubuntu using:

 **cabal build cardano-node cardano-cli**

Only the Cardano-node, trace-dispatcher, trace-forward and trace-resources build. When I try to build only cardano-cli, no binaries are built. So I’m missing a library … I do have libff8 and libgmp10 in this build. 8.9.3 built Ok on the same machine …

It seems that cardano-cli is in a differnt github repository. Can you please point me to the official Cardano-Cli that will work with CNODE 8.12.x and greater?



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Hello Moton,

I had the same problem, but a guy from the Cardano Stake Pool Best Practice helped me.
The cardano-cli is intalled, you can find with the “./scripts/ cardano-cli” command (this script is built with the binaries). I found the cardano-cli binary in the .cabal folder.
Let’s try it, I hope it will solve your problem too!

Hi, I found the CLI repository and wrote scripts to build